Do I Need A Valuation Solicitor – Food For Thought

If someone asks an expert the question whether property conveyancing can be handled by the customers themselves, he will most certainly reply in the negative. This is because only those who are in thick of property conveyancing would understand how difficult and challenging a task it is. Buying and selling a real estate property is a totally different cup of tea. Though there are formalities when buying other movable and immovable assets, they are not as difficult as buying and selling real estate properties. However when it comes to buying and selling or real estate properties there are many legal issues that have to be sorted out. Further one has to bear in mind that buying real estate properties could run into thousands of dollars and therefore there is bound to a bit of skepticism involved. 

The main objective of Property Valuers Melbourne is to ensure that they are able to effect smooth and timely transfer of ownerships from the sellers to the buyers. This would call for checking on various documents, visiting the property in question and ensuring that there are no nasty shock and surprises. Visits to the properties is important is discovering more about easements and other encroachments that could impede the unhindered title and ownership of rights over the property. Further the role of property conveyancers is also very important to ensure that the historical transfers of ownership are correct from the legal point of view. There should not be any loose ends untied which could create lot of problems for the buyers at a later point in time. 

The reason why there is a need for a conveyancer is because it is not a single process. While we have talked about the need to ensure the legal purity of the transaction, there are also other tasks that should be completed. These include the important roles of property valuers and appraisers. They help quite immensely in finding out the fair market value of the same and also getting some useful information about the infrastructure, amenities and facilities available around the area where the property is located. 

Apart from the above, there are also many agreements that need to be executed. For this the role of property documentation specialists is very important. They help in drafting various agreements, letters and communication. Last but not the least there is also the very underestimated and less talked about role of administrative and support staff. Now, looking at all the above is it possible for the customers to don different hats and complete the job of property conveyancing? Surely it is not possible. 

Charlie Ramos